How to use

How to use serving at St Helen's

Serving at St Helen’s is a wonderful way for the church family to know of the opportunities available at St Helen’s to serve and to volunteer for those opportunities.

If you are wondering how to use this website please refer to the video or written instructions below.

How to use serving at St Helen’s.

1. Log into the site by clicking the serving at St Helen’s banner. Enter your email address and password (that has been sent to you with your introductory email).

2. From the gird showing all the areas you can serve in click the area in which you wish to serve.

3. Click on an opportunity to see a more detailed description of the opportunity. If you wish to view opportunities in another area click the ‘List of Serving Areas’ button to return to the grid.

  • a. If you want even more information then click the ‘more info’ button and the person organising the opportunity will be on contact with you.
  • b. If you want to volunteer for the job then click the ‘volunteer’ button.
  • c. If you don’t think this opportunity is for you then click the ‘go up a level button’ to return to all the opportunities available in your chosen area.

4. Once you have volunteered for all the opportunities you want then log out.

If this page hasn't answered all your questions then please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.


William Taylor helps us understand why it's great to serve the church family.

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